Scenez Group - Production

Theater Plays – A Distinctive Style

We develop a product that you can never observe elsewhere. Our success is based on intermingling of both the ancient and the modern schools of theater in all our shows.

Our product

SCENEZ guarantees to please all theater lovers, from professionals to amateurs basically entertaining every member of the audience in one way or the other.

Scenez Group offers theatrical acts and musical shows for elementary and secondary school students. The producers also train students to come up with end of year events to be performed in front of teachers & parents. Scenez Group has also started the Arts & Drama Academy, a concept which enhances the child’s personality and self confidence by allowing him or her to express themselves freely on stage.

Television Shows

Providing full productions services from
concept, scripts to completion.
Cultural Shows including debates
TV Shows for kids, including animation
and theatrical acts
Educational TV shows
Social series

Interactive Shows

At SCENEZ group, the audience is considered to be the most important asset for our show success. This being the case, we always thrive for extensive audience participation in terms of questions and answers, physical involvement with the characters, and even contribution in all songs being performed in different events.

Great Sense of Adaptation

All our shows and animations could be adapted to satisfy our customer’s themes, schedules, settings, and different audiences.