Who We Are?

Passion for art and creativity

SCENEZ group is a company founded by three extremely talented sisters each having her own dream of a production house.
CNZ, the founders, are all specialized in events management in general, and theater production in particular each with up ‘Let’s combine dreams, to 12 years of professional experience.

A Production company with a creative and artistic background

Scenez Group, The Art of Creation, is a production company known for its special scripts, unique concepts and creative capabilities. Scenez Group produce and perform musical plays as a well as various other social events, entertainment, television, theater, fashion shows, and interactive events for kids of all ages.

Scenez Arts & Drama Academy

Scenez Arts & Drama Academy offers young talents between the age of 6 and 16 a chance for a real theatrical experience.The company have already secured royalties for several well-known musicals such as “The Wizard of Oz”; ”Cinderella”; ”Sound Of Music”; ”Peter Pan” and many more.

Young talents are invited to participate in any one of these productions. They will go through a series of practical courses on acting, mime, script writing, backstage management, costume designing….
Each course or production requires 10 weeks of preparation, with a frequency of two hours per week.

Starting 2007, the academy will be expanded its offerings to cover interested adults as well. There will be courses offered for ladies as well as specialized workshops for professional theater practitioners and creative business
men & women.
For more information and registration e-mail us at:academy@scenezgroup.com

Our team

At Scenez Group, all producers, directors & script writes are bachelor degree holders of Theatre and Arts; moreover, they can provide effective & unlimited creativity in a minimal amount of time. Scenez Group artistic directors can always produce drama plays, musical plays, corporate concepts, and special launches in Arabic, English & French as per our customer’s needs.
Scenez Group vision has always been to become a one-stop shop for diverse artistic requirements. As such, the company owners have built a team that include the following expertise: tailors, actors, performers, choreographers, stilt walkers, dancers, fashion designers, sound & light technicians, and project managers.

SCENEZ Group Spirit

Communication is an art

Scenez Group is always pleased to obtain customer feedback on all productions. At Scenez Group, we believe that this is the only way for continuous growth, improvement, and success. Rather than working for our customers, we like to work in parallel and side by side with them to help foster their needs & understand their requirements.
The company considers customer feedback always encouraging and compensating.
This is why we will take the time to share with our clients all their concerns and address all their queries.

SCENEZ Group Clients

Customer Relation Equals Friendship

With its branch office in Dubai Media City, Scenez Group is proud to organize and manage events for all clients in the Gulf region and the Middle East. The company focuses on all clients, and specifically on clients who work with a
sense of creation, responsibility and extreme integrity. Scenez Group always encourages long lasting and honest relationships with their clients. Their success is measured based on the returning clientele year after year.
Scenez Group clients include a wide range of government and private institutions, where the company provides direct services. In addition, there are several clients who subcontract Scenez Group to provides hows or specific concepts for big events.